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MM’s Friday 5-Day

Weather forecast issued Friday, September 8, 2023


Chance of showers & thunder for the weekend.

Tracking a cat 5 hurricane in the Atlantic.

MM’s Local Weather Concerns:

Severe storms are not expected for the next five days.

Weather Watchers: Please record any rainfall received over the weekend.

MM’s Wx Vlog

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Friday Funny

“I was drinking a martini and the waitress screamed “does anyone know CPR?” I yelled, “I know the entire alphabet” and we all laughed and laughed. Well, except for one person.”

MM’s 5-Day Forecast

Yesterday’s Weather Statistics

Radar-Estimated Rainfall from Yesterday

On This Day  

1900 – The greatest weather disaster in U.S. records occurred when a hurricane struck Galveston, Texas. A tide 15 feet high washed over the island demolishing or carrying away buildings, and drowning more than 6,000 persons. The hurricane destroyed more than 3,600 houses, and total damage was more than 30 million dollars. Winds to 120 mph, and a 20-foot storm surge accompanied the hurricane. Following the storm, the surf was 300 feet inland from the former water line. The hurricane claimed another 1,200 lives outside of the Galveston area.


Lee started Thursday as a cat 1 hurricane and was a cat 5 by midnight. An impressive explosion in intensity! The storm is now packing winds of 165 mph and is expected to strengthen even more. Fifty-foot waves are likely with this storm near the center and wave action will be reaching the eastern U.S. in the coming days. The storm is currently not expected to make landfall in the U.S., but that is being monitored very closely and that forecast is subject to change.

Emergency Services

I’m so proud to be contracted with Crossville City Fire to provide critical weather support for emergency services!

Have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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