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Hot and humid with isolated t-storms through Wed. Stronger storms possible Thursday.

We’re already seeing that high humidity this morning. That high humidity, along with that hot sun, will make the atmosphere ripe for scattered afternoon and evening t-storms. Highs both Tuesday and Wednesday will top out in the lower 80s, with lows near 70. What you get today in the weather is what you’ll get on Wednesday. On Thursday, a cold front will begin flirting with our area, and that will lead to some stronger storms. Some of Thursday’s storms could contain some hail and marginally severe winds. I’ll keep an eye on it! The heat and humidity continue for Friday through Sunday, with isolated to scattered heat-of-the-day t-storms. There are indications that a stronger cold front will come through here around Tuesday, bringing lower humidity and cooler temps. I’ll keep an eye on that too!

I hope you got to check out the International Space Station last evening? It was a site to see once again. I’ll try to keep you posted on when the next one will be. Remember, you can watch it track across the earth live at, as well as get texts reminders of when it will be flying over your neighborhood at

Since it is so hot and humid out today, I’ll leave you with a pic of a place that might cool you off a bit. Isn’t that beautiful? This photo was taken by Tim Sherrill, father of our very own Emily Sherrill.

Now, when we leavin’ for the beach? 🙂

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