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Strong to severe storms for Thursday and possible trouble in the tropics!

The heat is already cranking up out there today, with the temp already approaching 80 degrees and it’s not even 8:30 yet! Expect a very hot and humid day, with isolated to scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. We don’t expect any organized severe wx, though any storm this time of year is capable of briefly becoming severe. Regardless, these summer storms usually contain lots of dangerous lightning and gusty winds. A more substantial severe wx threat will exist on Thursday. We’re not expecting much in the way of tornadoes, due to conditions just not being favorable for that kind of activity, but we could see some very potent storms roll out of Kentucky during the afternoon or evening. I’ll keep an eye on it. Right now, damaging straight line winds look to be the main threat, along with very heavy rainfall and some hail.  On Friday, we go back to your typical heat-of-the-day afternoon and evening t-storms.  That forecast will hold throughout the weekend. There are indications that a front will make its way through here early next week, bringing lower humidity. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Tropical Troubles?

As we all know, hurricane season started June 1. Typically, we expect development to be slow for June and anything that develops is usually in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico. FYI, hurricane season peaks in late August to early September. We are monitoring a disturbance that will make its way into the southern Gulf over the next several days. And that’s exactly where we’d expect any development to occur this time of year. The chance of development is small, but with the threat of a Gulf storm, we have to monitor it. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess at this point. We have several days  to monitor that.  What is unusual is that a very strong disturbance has come off the coast of Africa and will be making its way across the Atlantic. It’s something to monitor because all indications are that the steering pattern will guide it right toward the Caribbean, where it becomes a concern to the US. Again, anything can happen between now and then, but we’ll monitor it. That wouldn’t be a threat until next week. Let us know if you have any questions by asking here or!

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