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An absolutely beautiful summer day today

Our company, Trade-A-Plane, has a picnic every year. This year that picnic is Thursday. Today would have been the perfect day for our picnic. Friday would have been a bad day for our picnic. Thursday? Well, we’re right between perfect and bad (ha). I think we’ll be alright. There is a chance for a storm, so we have to keep that in mind. The models (pictured below) suggest isolated showers and storms at 5:00pm Thursday, which is pretty typical summer weather. Notice the bulk of the activity is to our south.

There’s absolutely no chance of a storm today, though. We’ll see beautiful sunshine and highs near 80. The low humidity will make it feel even better. On Thursday, the humidity starts increasing but it won’t be oppressive. That increase in humidity will produce a storm or two on the plateau during the afternoon and/or evening. On Friday, the humidity really increases and that will produce scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon and evening. On Saturday, a front approaches and that will increase showers and t-storms even more. All in all, Friday and Saturday do not look to be total washouts, but you do need to keep an eye on your radar for both days if you have outdoor plans. On Sunday, we return to more isolated storm chances.

At least today is not ANYTHING like this day in 1928. On that day, Middle TN had a tornado outbreak, which is a bit late in the year for such activity. Five tornadoes touched down across the area. All were rated F-2. One person was killed near Nashville, but 38 people were hurt across the region.

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather, we all know it isn’t going to stay like this all summer….

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