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Isolated storms today and tomorrow, becoming more numerous and intense for Saturday.

Will it rain today? Yes. Will it rain on our Trade-A-Plane picnic? Probably not. I wish I could be more specific but it’s impossible with this scenario. I just looked at this morning’s model runs and they suggest about a 40% coverage of t-storms this afternoon. The interesting part is that the more reliable model moves nearly all the activity out of here by 5:00 p.m., which would be perfect!

I do think that we’ll see a lot of these clouds sticking around, but I’d much rather have the shade of cloud cover than that hot June sun beating down on us all evening. We’ll just have to keep an eye on things.

Tonight, showers and storms may sneak up here from the south. We’re actually sandwiched in between a very active pattern for the Gulf Coast, and a very active pattern stretching form Oklahoma to Chicago.  Friday and Saturday both will feature showers and t-storms, but they won’t hit everyone and they’ll be mostly in the afternoon and evenings. On Saturday, the ingredients for strong storms are a bit more present, so we’ll have to watch those storms. If I had outdoor plans this weekend I’d either plan them for Sunday, when storms are more isolated, or I’d plan things in the morning. Otherwise, you better have a back-up plan for rain, just in case!

For Monday and Tuesday it looks like more isolated showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon and evening, and very typical of summertime weather. But, I’ll keep you posted and let you know if anything changes with that.

Check out this tornado yesterday evening in Iowa! Now that’s a picture, folks! More severe wx is expected today for Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.


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