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Hot July weather

I have returned from a weather and aviation conference in Memphis over the weekend. So, you all can relax because you’re weatherman is back! (ha) I wish I had more interesting weather to report but that’s how July goes a lot of times. We’re going to be heating up this week with highs in the mid to upper 80s and lows in the mid to upper 60s. Humidity will be increasing more and more each day as well. We really don’t need to worry about any pop-up t-storms until about Thursday. Those chances will then stay with us through the weekend. It’s basically your heat-of-the-day pop-up storms that mainly occur in the afternoon and evening.

In case you’re having the Monday blues (along with the full moon, you know?), I have a story that may make you feel better. You know you can always go to a meteorologist and get a “things could be worse” story, right? (ha) At this conference I just went to I heard a story about a gentleman who accidentally flew his private plane right smack dab into the middle of a t-storm. He and his wife had flown the route from his home in Virginia to Florida many times and had always managed to divert around any storms. However, this one was moving quickly and he thought air traffic control would guide him around any bad weather. He was wrong. As he entered the storm, which actually became a severe t-storm warning, he was immediately captured by an updraft. He and his wife then endured several minutes of misery as the plane was tossed about like a toy, the propellers ripping off, as well as half the left wing. At one point they were flying upside down with absolutely no idea if they were going up or down. They managed to get tossed out of the storm and crash landed in the middle of a North Carolina corn field. They were seriously injured but survived. In an interview with the National Transportation Safety Board, the wife commented that she would NEVER fly again.

So, there you have it. No matter how rough your Monday morning is, at least your not in a little plane, trapped in a storm, upside down, pieces of your plane ripping off, and certain you’re going to die.

Have a wonderful Monday and be sure and stay cool in this heat!

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