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Hot July weather continues

We’re already 80 degrees and it’s not even 9:00 a.m. Welcome to July in TN! I noticed that our humidity is higher today than it was this time yesterday too. I told you the humidity wouldn’t stay away for long. I think we’ll squeeze out another dry day today, just hot and more humid. Highs will approach 90 by this afternoon. Tonight, we’ll only drop to about 70. It originally looked like Wednesday would be 100% dry, but with humidity even higher and temps in the upper 80s, you can almost count on an isolated storm somewhere on the plateau. By Thursday those rain chances increase and we’ll see a few more storms around the area. That trend will continue through the weekend. No one day looks like a washout, but you’ll just need to check the radar each afternoon and evening to see where the isolated storms are popping up. We don’t expect anything too severe, but you know how these summer storms can be. They can put down heavy rain, gusty winds, and lots of lightning.

The tropics have looked like they were going to get active, but now things have quietened down again. I’ll keep an eye on that, though.

If you haven’t see the moon this week you’ve really been missing out! It was full a couple nights ago but it is still plenty big and bright. Get out and watch it rise this evening! This pic was taken near Cape Cod, Massachusettes, but it’s been just as pretty down here in good ole TN!

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