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Stay safe out in this heat

The well-advertised biggest heat wave of this summer season is still in full swing. The slow-moving front that I’ve been talking about has slowed a bit more and it now looks like today will be a carbon copy of yesterday. Hot, humid, with an isolated storm. It may actually be a bit hotter today than it was yesterday, with highs at or slightly above 90, since we don’t have the early morning clouds to fend off the sunshine like we did yesterday. Tonight, overnight lows will stay in the 70s. Nashville is forecasting a very warm low temp tonight of 77! On Sunday, that slow-moving front finally creeps closer and that will set off more storms in the afternoon and evening. We may even see some of those linger overnight. Some storms Sunday will be more than capable of becoming severe, with large hail and damaging winds the main threat. On Monday, we’ll see much of the same, with perhaps a bit of an increase in showers and storms. The bad news is that the front isn’t going to bring much relief from heat next week, but it will bring slightly lower humidity levels. That’s a plus in my book!

The tropics remain quiet, for now. There are indications that things will dramatically pick up the second to third week of August. I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll also keep you posted on Sunday and Monday’s severe storm potential. Right now, I don’t expect anything too incredibly organized, like a derecho, but I can’t rule that out 100%. I’ll let you know if I see anything change with that! For now, be safe out in this heat today!

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