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Relief by next week? And some lightning safety reminders.

Whew, I don’t know about you but Saturday was a brutally hot and humid day! Sunday seemed a bit better, especially with the clouds around. Temps this week will be hot, as well, but humidity levels will be a bit lower, especially tomorrow and Tuesday. Humidity is what you have to watch out for this time of year. After all, it’s July so it’s going to be hot. All we can hope for is lower humidity. The slightly lower humidity will hang around through Wednesday, before picking back up on Thursday-Saturday.  We still can’t rule out an isolated storm through Wednesday. Much like last week, a weak front will drop into our area at the end of the week, bringing better chances for showers and t-storms. The best chance for stronger storms looks like Friday. The good news is that, as of now, Sunday looks great! Highs around 80 and really low humidity. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that forecast to hold true!

You know, even if a storm isn’t severe you still have to watch out for that deadly lightning. I noticed that our weather fact of the day involves a man who was working on his fence near Livingston on this day in 1999. The fence was struck and the current traveled to the farmer, knocking him unconscious. He was given CPR by a neighbor, rushed to a hospital, and survived. He was very lucky! If you’re caught outside try your best to get indoors. Stay away from any electrical appliances and plumbing. If you’re in your car make sure you’re not touching anything metal or electrical. The tires don’t protect you (a very common myth) but the metal sheath around you does. The current is then directed into the ground.  This is the time of year when storms can pop up on a whim. If you hear thunder roar, go indoors.  And if you see dark clouds gathering, go ahead and make your way inside. You may not get to hear the warning of thunder if you’re the first strike!

You all have a great Monday and let me know if you have any weather questions!

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