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A break from the heat and humidity!

The models are really starting to come into agreement that the cold front that slips through here on Friday will be strong enough to bring us some nice relief by the weekend! We may not even hit 80 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday! And, the humidity levels will be very low. Overnight lows will dip to near 60. Now that’s some nice relief, folks. Just keep your fingers crossed that the forecast doesn’t change!

But first, we have to get to the weekend, right? Today and tomorrow are going to be very hot and humid. Highs will reach into the upper 80s but it will feel much hotter with that humidity. By Thursday we’ll see more clouds and that should keep us a degree or two cooler, but with stifling humidity who’ll notice? We will see showers and storms becoming likely Thursday and that will persist right into Friday. Since this cold front is so strong for this time of year, we have to be mindful of the possibility of strong to severe storms both Thursday night and Friday. Skies clear by Saturday morning, leading to a great weekend.

We have some interesting weather going on in the Pacific right now. We have hurricane Irwin and Hurricane Hilary. Hilary is expected to become a major hurricane  by tonight. What’s interesting is that Hilary is going to overtake Irwin and absorb him. That’s called the Fugiwara effect. That should take place on Thursday. We’ve seen that happen only twice in the Atlantic but it happens more often in the Pacific, where there tends to be more storms. The circulation of Hilary will wrap Irwin around and they’ll do a bit of a dance around each other before Hilary absorbs poor little Irwin. I’ll leave the political jokes to you all on this situation. I’m just a meteorologist  🙂



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