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We survived the eclipse! Now what?

First of all, how crazy was that eclipse?  Our temp here at TAP dropped six degrees during the eclipse. It went from 89 to 83 degrees in just a few minutes time. It’s really incredible to think that we here in lil ole Crossville ended up right smack dab in the middle of the path of totality. Pretty darn cool, right? Now, who’s up for  road trip for the next one in seven years? We only have to drive to eastern Arkansas. Roadtrip!!! 🙂 It also passes over Niagara Falls in 2024, so that will make for some cool photography! The next astronomical event to look for here will come during the night of December 13, when the Geminids Meteor Shower peaks. This is considered the king of all meteor showers, producing multi-colored meteors at a rate of 120 per hour.

As for your weather, we have some rain and storms coming today. We could see an isolated shower or storm anytime this afternoon, especially after the heat and humidity get cranking. Those chances increase tonight and we should all get some rain. Some of the storms could be strong, possibly severe, especially the farther north of Crossville you live.  Any storms that develop will be capable of damaging winds, large hail, frequent lightning and torrential downpours of rain.  Rain could linger through Wednesday morning, before skies begin to clear out later in the day. Highs Wednesday will be in the mid 70s. Thursday and Friday look spectacular! Highs each day in the 70s and really low humidity. Overnight lows may drop in the lower 50s. That’ll be refreshing! Heat and humidity start to return by the weekend, but it still looks mostly dry.

Next week is already looking very unsettled. A tropical system will make landfall on the Texas coast the end of this week, possibly as a minimal hurricane. The remnants will likely head our direction, leading to the potential for some heavy rainfall early next week. I’ll keep you posted.

I was looking at our climate records and noticed something interesting. Yesterday was the anniversary of Crossville’s warmest August reading on record. On August 21, 1983 the mercury soared to 99 degrees. However, today is the anniversary of Crossville coldest August reading on record when we dropped all the way down to 42 degrees (1956).  Folks, that’s only 10 degrees above freezing! I know of places around the county that are “cold spots” that I wouldn’t be surprised got into the 30s that night. The weather on this plateau can be very interesting.

You all have a great day and be mindful of those storms this evening.



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