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Rain in sight?

While there may be hints of rain in the extended forecast, you have no rain worries through Friday. This streak of beautiful weather continues. Highs each day will climb into the 70s, while lows will fall into the lower 50s. These warm afternoons and cool nights are just what the trees need in order for their colors to really start coming out.  By Saturday, we have a very slight chance of an afternoon shower and that chance continues on Sunday. There are indications that we may be dealing with moisture from a tropical system coming up out of the Gulf by Sunday, though, so stay tuned. If that comes true, we’ll be dealing with decent rainfall Sunday night into Monday. Again, it’s just something to watch at this point.

On this date in 1974, we woke up a record morning low of 26 degrees in Crossville. That is way too cold for this time of year!

Something very unusual also occurred on this date in 1979 in the town of Windsor Locks, Connecticut. A brief but violent F-4 tornado touched down without warning and tracked 11 miles across town. The storm developed near Long Island and then turned north toward Connecticut, which is an odd direction for a storm to go. Since tornadoes are so rare in this part of the country, everyone literally thought a bomb had exploded over the town.  The tornado destroyed an elementary school but the kids had gone home early that day, since it was a  Wednesday and school always let out during the early afternoon on Wednesdays. A church roof was blown off but only one of its stained glass windows were broken. Students meeting for a Brownie meeting in another school auditorium heard a noise and ran into the hallway, just moments before the auditorium was destroyed. A United Airlines flight was attempting to land at Bradley International Airport with 114 passengers on board. The pilot saw the tornado and aborted the landing just in time to miss a direct impact with the violent twister.

In all, 38 businesses and 65 homes were completely destroyed. While 400 people were injured, hundreds were feared dead. Miraculously, only three people lost their lives. The airport that the United Airlines flight tried to land at was completely destroyed. Unfortunately, all the state’s National Guard helicopters were there and they were smashed. A nearby aviation museum was also destroyed, with 30 vintage aircraft in ruins. This tornado is our nation’s ninth costliest tornado.

October tornadoes are rare in the US, but they generally increase in November, as the seasons are changing.

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