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Tropical troubles could bring us rain

Since our weather is so boring, we weather folks have to look elsewhere for our entertainment this morning (ha).  The tropics are certainly getting our attention this morning, as we watch as our next tropical storm (Nate) develops down in the extreme southern Caribbean. Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon and they will likely find that our next named storm has developed. The storm is expected to track northward and be in the southern Gulf of Mexico by Friday. The good news is that, at this time, it does not look like it will become a hurricane. Our most reliable models agree that this will remain a tropical storm as it treks through the Gulf. What they disagree on is where it makes landfall.  Right now, it looks like landfall could occur anywhere from western Louisiana to Panama City, Florida. Depending on exactly where it makes landfall, we could see some rain from this as early as Saturday night. That rain would continue through Sunday.

But, until then we have nothing but sunny, pleasant days to look forward to. I snapped this pic from the yard this morning and posted it on Facebook. I captioned it, “No matter what happens in the world, we still have this. Good morning, everyone.”



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