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It snowed!!!

Remember those snow flakes I said we might get this morning? Well, we got ’em! Hard to believe it’s still October, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We can expect flurries to stick around until early afternoon. The clouds will likely stick around until after dark. When those clouds begin to clear out tonight, our temps will drop off to the upper 20s, bringing our first hard freeze of the season. I can imagine it must be rare to get the first snow flakes before the first hard freeze. The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for tonight. On Monday and Tuesday we’ll see our highs rebound into the lower 50s with sunshine. Temps should climb to near 60 on Wednesday, ahead of our next storm system that will be arriving by Wednesday evening.

Part of this system that brought us these flakes will combine with Tropical Storm Philippe to produce a potent storm system for the Northeast this afternoon and tonight. You’ll be seeing that in the news soon. Incidentally, today is the 5-year anniversary of Sandy hitting the Northeast, which was also a tropical system/mid-latitude cyclone collision.

Look what I found on the car this morning!



And even some snow on the neighbor’s roof!IMG_20171029_083259

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