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One of the coldest New Year’s on record


We are on track to have the third coldest New Year’s in Tennessee’s history! If you plan on being out and about, make sure you bundle up! For those of you who will be out for any outdoor celebrations make sure you have all your extremities covered. And, if you consume alcohol remember that it only makes you feel warmer, which can be very deceiving with temps this cold.

As far as snow or ice chances go, it looks bleak, fellow snowbirds. I’m optimistically leaving a snow flurry on Saturday evening/night but don’t strain your eyes too hard looking for them. The forecast just looks cold and dry. This arctic blast has blasted all of our moisture wayyyy far south.  It’s going to be hard to even get a darn flurry in this dry air mass.

We’re no stranger to cold air this time of year, for sure. This air mass we have coming is a bit more potent than what we’re used to, though. Once temps go below freezing on Sunday, we should stay below freezing for at least 7 days straight. Another arctic front comes Wednesday, which will plunge us into yet another arctic freeze. It had looked like we may get snow Thursday, but now it looks like the Wednesday arctic blast may force any moisture well to our south again. I’ll keep an eye on it. Nashville’s record for staying below freezing is 9 days, and they may break that next week.

But, at least we’re not getting the lake effects now disaster that is occurring near Erie, Pennsylvania! They have broken all their snow records and have already gotten 100 inches of snow in some places for the month of December. A wxtap social media follower from there messaged me yesterday and said he saw a house burning and the fire department couldn’t get to it. The whole house just burned. Folks with medical emergencies can’t get to the hospital.  They’re used to heavy snow but nothing like this. Four to nine feet of snow has fallen, with another 10-20 inches coming tonight! They remain under a declared disaster emergency and will remain so through the weekend.

I want some snow but, Lord have mercy, I don’t want anything like that! (ha)

You all stay warm and have the best New Year! I appreciate you reading my weather blogs this past year, and I hope you enjoy all the ones to come in 2018! Hopefully, I’ll have some snow to write about sooner than later!



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