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All cold and no snow


Isn’t that the saddest headline you’ve ever read? It pained me to type it. What in the world is there to gain from so much cold and nary a snowflake to show for it? We may see a snow flurry today as the arctic front moves through. That should happen this evening. We’re above freezing right now (34) but I doubt we climb more than a degree from here because of these clouds. It should be a cold, cloudy day. The arctic air oozes on in here on Sunday and by Sunday night the full effects will be felt as we drop to 5 degrees. Tuesday continues to look like the coldest morning of the forecast period, with many of us seeing zero-degree temperatures.

This air mass is super dry and the Gulf will be cut off. Therefore, no significant chances of precip exist. We will be brushed by some disturbances coming out of Canada this week, but that’s what we’ve had so far this winter and we all know how those went.

Once again, if you want wintry precip head south (insert a big ole ‘sigh’). Winter weather advisories are in effect for portions of the Deep South for tonight. Mississippi and Alabama could see a glaze of ice and dusting of snow tonight that could make roads slick.

Check out this weatherTAP temperature map. I added lines that show the freezing line and another one that shows the zero-degree line. The country is in an arctic blast and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We’ll stay below freezing from Sunday to at least next Saturday, thanks to a reinforcing arctic blast coming Wednesday evening. We may briefly get to 33 degrees on Wednesday ahead of the arctic front, but I have a feeling pre-frontal cloud cover (like today) will keep us from climbing above freezing.


You all stay warm and bundled up! And make sure everyone you know is staying warm, especially the elderly and those who may not be able to care for themselves very well. Also make sure your outside fur babies are taken care of, with good shelter and fresh, unfrozen water.

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