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Snow on the Cumberland Plateau and an incredible journey to the Kennedy Space Center

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Greetings from the Space Coast!!! If you all want I can send pics of sunshine and palm trees….

But, I hope you all are enjoying the snow! The front slowed down a lot last night and has produced higher-than-forecast snowfall amounts across West TN. The front should pick up speed as it comes across Middle TN this morning. It still looks like a solid 1-2 inches across the plateau, with isolated locations picking up a bit more (perhaps). Be careful on the roads because they will become slick!

As you can see from the 5-day outlook, that snow may stick around a while! The coldest air of the season is possible tonight, with many folks hitting zero and/or slipping a few degrees below zero. Please don’t forget the three ‘Ps’…people, pets, and pipes. Cold weather that is this severe is just downright dangerous.

Well, I am here on the Space Coast today and am so incredibly excited to see what the day holds! I’ll share with you below what I shared on Facebook last night.

“Who can forget the launch of GOES-R? We now know it as GOES-16. Few people were ever able to get any closer to the satellite than the launch pad. Now, we have GOES-S, which will become GOES-17. It now sits in a germ-free room here at Titusville, FL, near the Kennedy Space Center. Of the few people ever given permission to be in the same room as GOES, I am one of them tomorrow! NASA chose 20 members of the media to attend media day, and I am humbled to have been chosen as one of those! I will be one of few people in the world who have had the honor of being in the same room as GOES-S!

If you ever wondered why the launches are from Cape Canaveral I can give you some answers. Rockets traveling eastward gain momentum from earth’s spin. Shooting them from the West Coast would send them over populated areas, but from Cape Canaveral they just go over open ocean waters. Also, the rate of spin for rockets is highest near the equator, and Cape Canaveral is one of the southern-most desirable locations that rockets can be fired in the US. The first rockets were fired from White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico, but increasing rocket range forced the search for a new firing location. Cape Canaveral proved a very desirable location for this.

Please follow me through this week as I share more and more information from this incredible journey I am on to learn all about the incredible GOES satellites!”

I am truly humbled to be able to have this experience. I’m keeping a journal of everything and will share that when I get back! Below is the launch of the last GOES satellite, GOES-16. GOES-S, which is the one I’m visiting tomorrow, is set to launch on March 1. I may just have to return to see that!

Media day begins at 8:30 Central time.



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