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Who did the rain dance?



Whoever is doing the rain dance can stop dancing now! 🙂 We picked up 2.15″ of rain here at weatherTAP on Saturday, followed by 0.91″ on Sunday. This brings us to a 3.06″ rainfall total for the weekend.

The sun is going to stay tucked away behind the clouds for this week. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see it peak through at some point, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Fog, clouds and drizzle are certainly pestering us this morning. We dipped to the freezing mark for a time and some of you may have noticed some ice on your car this morning. Thankfully, it’s not cold enough to cause travel issues. A shower or sprinkle is possible all day today, as well as tomorrow. Rain chances really pick up Tuesday night and Wednesday, with the approach of another system. We get a bit of a break on Thursday (hopefully) before the next system moves in Thursday night and Friday. IF we can get some sun Thursday we will go to 70 degrees. But, that’s a big IF. We get another break (hopefully) Saturday before (guess what?) another system moves in Saturday night and Sunday.


At this time, it doesn’t look like our thunderstorm chances are all that good, so severe weather does not look to be a big threat this week. I’ll keep an eye on it. Whenever we get this warm in February the storms are something we have to be mindful of. I saw my first tornado on Feb. 5, 2008. The speed at which each system is moving through is keeping us so cloudy that the sun isn’t able to really destabilize our atmosphere ahead of these systems.

I was looking ahead at the outlooks for the rest of the month and it just looks warmer and warmer. I know we’re all wishing for spring but, folks, it’s way too early to be warming up. Winter is not finished with us, mark my word. And keep in mind, the sooner we warm up for spring the sooner we’ll have to start watching out for severe t-storms. Tornado season starts for us on March 1st (though tornadoes can happen any time of the year), so we’re quickly approaching the start of the peak of our season here. Again, I don’t see any clear indications of a severe wx threat anytime soon, but it’s something I have my eyes on.

Also, remember the March when we were so incredibly warm and all the trees and flowers budded out, only to be absolutely devastated by a week-long arctic blast in April? That was 11 years ago this April. We sure don’t want to see anything like that again! April 7, 2007 is when Crossville hit an all-time record low for April at 20 degrees. Many folks had temps in the teens.

I keep hearing folks say, “Spring has sprung!” but I can assure you it hasn’t. There’s nothing wintry in sight for February but March may have some wintry tricks for us.  And we can have accumulating snow in the first week or two of April, as well! I don’t mean to be a spring buzz kill, but don’t go planting your gardens just yet!

I’ve attached the extended outlooks for the rest of February below. Indications are that we’ll have above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. Those are both ingredients for floods and strong t-storms, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that!

By the way, I’m always testing weather folklore to see what works. This winter I’m testing the persimmon seeds that indicated we’d be shoveling snow. Persimmon seeds said folks in Alabama would be shoveling snow this winter and they have been! There’s another very old weather folklore that says thunder in February means frost on that same day in May. We had a very loud clap of thunder at home Saturday morning.  It was just one big lightning flash, followed by a big bang of thunder.  So, May 10 should be a frosty morning, right? We shall see! I’ve got it marked on my calendar. (ha)

You all have a great day and thing sunny thoughts. I have a feeling that’s the only place you’re going to see the sun this week…..

This is the outlook for rainfall for Feb 17-21

This is the outlook for temperatures for Feb 17-21

This is the outlook for rainfall for Feb 19-25

This is the outlook for temperatures for Feb 19-25

And, just in case you forget what it looks like….



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