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Afternoon update for a forecast that is clear as mud

I wish I could say the forecast for Sunday night is clearer than ever, but I can’t say that at all. And I do mean, at all. You all are just going to have to follow my updates on Facebook and at throughout the day tomorrow.

We are getting some light precip outside right now…at least way up in the sky. As suspected, the air down here is too dry for it to make it to the ground. It is making for an interesting looking sky this afternoon, though.

I still think the precip may mix with sleet when it finally does reach the ground tonight. We won’t get any accumulation, as temps will stay above freezing.

Speaking of temps, we reached a high of 50 degrees at 1:23 this afternoon, up from a morning low of 18.

As for the snow forecast for Sunday night….I’m still thinking one inch (or so?). It’s hard to tell. We really need to know where the low is going to track and the models, well, they’re acting like they spent the day drinking and now they’re drunk. And I mean drunk.  As soon as they get their act together and sober up, maybe they can help us figure out this mess. (haha).

So, on that note I’ll say this to my snowbirds….there’s still a chance! To those who don’t want snow, you may very well get your wish! It’s anybody’s guess at this point. We do know with great certainty that the severe t-storm threat is practically zero. The greatest risk for that activity tomorrow is down around Louisiana.

Highs by this time next week should be in the 60s. That will be nice to see after this cold snap we’re having.

You all have a great evening and stay tuned for forecast updates over the weekend! This is one situation where just about anything can happen Sunday night!

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