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Go out and look up tonight

We’ve seen some clouds develop this afternoon, but the closest showers will stay over in the Smokies. Tomorrow, we’ll have a better shot at some afternoon and evening showers. I’ll be watching the radar for you.

Tonight, these clouds should clear out and we’ll be set to see a beautiful night sky. This is one of the best nights of the year to see Jupiter. The planet will be rising just as the sun is setting and, geez, it will be bright! Earth will be flying right between Jupiter and the sun tonight. Go out and take a look.

Jupiter will be out all night and will be that unmistakable bright “star” you see overhead.

The best time to take a look at the evening sky is at sunset, in my opinion. First, these clouds will probably lead to a beautiful sunset, but also you’ll see Venus in the west as Jupiter rises in the east. Two bright planets opposite each other in our evening sky.

We only get the opportunity to see Jupiter this brightly in our sky once ever 13 months, so be sure and catch it this evening! Hopefully, our clouds won’t be too much in the way.



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