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Severe wx update

As of this noon hour, there are no warnings on the plateau. That’s not to say that can’t change in short notice, but right now we have no warnings. We are heating up out there and that is destabilizing our already unstable atmosphere. If we get sunshine this afternoon that will only makes things more unstable and will increase the chances for severe storms this evening. If we can keep showers and t-storms developing that will help keep our atmosphere more stable and reduce our chances for severe wx. Reduce, not eliminate.

This is the current radar.


Notice those big storms in Kentucky. Those are staying away from us. However, storms in southern Missouri and western Kentucky will develop this afternoon and we will have to worry about those. I’ll keep an eye on it all. Right now, damaging straight-line winds are the main threat for us, as well as some hail, flash flooding, and frequent lightning. Notice I didn’t mention tornadoes. Our threat for that kind of severe wx is rather low, but folks north of I-40 will have a better chance for spin-ups than those of us south of I-40.

And keep in mind that straight-line winds can be as destructive as weak tornadoes.

I’ll be watching it all and keeping you updated. Expect severe t-storm watches to be issued later on this afternoon. Those will likely carry us through the evening and into the overnight hours.

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