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Mid-Afternoon Update on Storms

We are only just now seeing the beginnings of the storm threat that will come to the plateau later tonight. The storms will begin as isolated cells in southern Missouri that may become supercells. These storms will be capable of producing tornadoes, which is why southern Missouri is under a tornado watch. As these storms evolve, they will turn into a squall line and the greatest risk will be from straight-line winds.

This is the radar at 2:45 p.m. in southern Missouri.


The Storm Prediction Center also just released a statement saying that they do not plan to issue a watch for our area this afternoon. They did say, however, that there will likely be a watch issued later on, for the storms that will be coming out of Missouri. There is no need for a watch this afternoon due to the isolated nature of the severe risk.


I’ll keep an eye on everything. Don’t be surprised if you hear a severe t-thunderstorm warning or two issued this afternoon. Our atmosphere is very unstable and it won’t take much for a storm to get rowdy. The tornado threat is very low for us, but straight-line winds can be just as destructive as a weak tornado.

We’ll also see very frequent lightning with any storm, as well as torrential downpours of rain.

The NWS Nashville just released a special weather balloon to get a sample of the atmosphere and it showed a very unstable, moist atmosphere with very little wind shear. This means we can expect strong to severe storms, with large hail and damaging winds being the main threat. The weak wind shear will keep the tornado threat very low.

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You all have a good evening and stay weather aware!


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