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A stormy forecast continues

I’ll leave this as brief as I can. The possibility of strong to severe storms continues to look possible much later tonight. I’d put the chance of storms at about 60%. I am watching some very strong storms in southern Middle TN right now (8:15) and I am watching one storm that is tornado-warned. Those storms will stay south of us. There is a tornado watch for northern Alabama and for the counties in TN bordering Alabama. Again, that activity is sliding east and will not affect the plateau.

What I have to watch is West TN and western Middle TN. Any storms that develop there will move this way later tonight (after midnight) and could be quite strong. Large hail and damaging winds will be the main threat with any storms we see later tonight.  Storms are developing on radar right now over those areas, so I have some stuff to watch.

Storms may threaten right on through Sunday morning. It just depends on how long they want to linger. As of now, I think Sunday afternoon is looking good. Sunday night might be another tricky forecast, with the possibility of strong storms. I’ll monitor that more tomorrow but just know that Sunday night may get a little loud again.

As always, I’ll be watching this all. I have my weather radio on and my weatherTAP app lets me know as soon as a watch or warning is issued. I’m also setting my alarm clock for 1:00 a.m. (if I’m even asleep by then) so that I can double check the situation for you all.

If it is storming or storms are threatening I’ll be right here and especially on Facebook.

You all have a pleasant evening and I’ll be watching the weather!



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