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Evening update

The Storm Prediction Center had considered issuing a severe t-storm or tornado watch for West Tn, but they must have decided against it. A watch is probably unnecessary at this point. As for our area, we could still see an isolated shower or storm the rest of this evening and overnight. That activity should stay isolated and I expect it to stay below severe limits. Any storm this time of year, however, can have lots of lightning, gusty winds, and heavy rainfall.

For tomorrow, we’ll have to watch out for more strong/severe storms. I’ll be watching it all day at weatherTAP. And, of course, I will have a full blog update in the morning.

The radar has been interesting to watch. The storms near the KY border are moving east/southeast. The storms down near Chattanooga are moving east. The storms south of Nashville are moving more northward. There’s just so many little boundaries around that storms are just moving around willy nilly. ha


You all have a great evening. I’ll be watching the radar and I’ll jump back on here if anything rowdy was to come our way overnight. Right now I don’t expect that, but you never know with this atmosphere.

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