One more day of showers before a dry, summer-like pattern sets in


NOTE: Starting today, I’ll start adding a symbol for lightning to the very top of the graphic on days/times when there may be a storm.


Widespread hazardous weather is not expected this week.


We’ll have one more day to dodge showers/storms before a much drier pattern settles in. The good news is that temps are going to stay at or below average, even though our shower and storm chances will decrease. You can’t ask for better weather at the end of July! Only slight chances for a shower or storm come back Friday and Saturday, but most of us should stay dry.


We have picked up 4.68 inches of rain here at weatherTAP so far this month. Many of you have probably picked up more than that. This 4.68 total is here in downtown Crossville, on the roof of weatherTAP.  We average about five inches of rain in July, so we’re right on track for that. We’ve also picked up 38.24 inches for the year. On average, we pick up about 55 inches a year, so we’re doing well on that total, too. Again, some of you have more and some of you may have less, depending on how many of the afternoon scattered storms you’ve found yourself under this summer.


All remains quiet. We’re still about a month away from the start of the most active time for tropical development.


Speaking of rainfall, on this day in 1957 Sparta picked up 6.10 inches of rain! That is their greatest one-day rainfall on record. That’s more than a month’s worth of rain in one day!

On this day in 1999, a farmer in Livingston was working on fences when a storm blew in. Lightning struck the fence and the farmer was knocked unconscious. Luckily, a neighbor saw what happened and rushed over to start administering CPR. The farmer later regained consciousness at the hospital and made a full recovery. I think I’d be putting that neighbor in my will, wouldn’t you? (haha)

This story brings up a good point. A lot of folks think you can’t touch someone who has been electrocuted by lightning, because they think they’ll get electrocuted too. This isn’t true at all. Once the strike is gone the risk of electrocution is gone too. Immediately start CPR and do whatever you can to revive the person.

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Finally, I’ll leave you with a cool pic taken by a lady in Fayette, AL yesterday. As many of you know, this week is Shark Week. Can you see the shark in this cloud?


photo by Karen Thompson

You all have a great day!



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