Storm chances on the increase and remembering Hurricane Hugo


Main Threats

Today-Sunday: Showers and storms will be capable of torrential downpours of rain. Be prepared for significantly reduced visibility if you’re out driving in one of these.


We’ll see our rain and storm chances increase today in the heat and humidity of the afternoon and evening. Not everyone will get wet, but the ones who do see storms could get some real gully-washers.

Those rain and storm chances increase over the weekend with an approaching weak cold front. The front is weak, but we’re so hot and humid that it doesn’t take much at all to trigger showers and storms. Again, not all of us will get wet, but those of us who do could get some hefty downpours of rain.

The activity may slack off on Monday, as we find ourselves between systems. But the next cold front should move in here Tuesday night and bring widespread showers and storms to the plateau. This front will usher in fall-like weather for the end of the week and into the weekend. I think we could use a break from this crazy summer-like heat!

Heck, we may even have some highs in the 60s by this time next week! That means we would have lows in the 40s!


Things may be about to get very busy again. There are now multiple areas to monitor. The one closest to the East Coast has formed in the wake of Florence. It is not all that unusual to see this happen, so we’ve been eyeing that area. We’ll just have to watch and see where that goes. Hopefully it’ll stay away and let recovery efforts continue, but there is a chance (albeit small) that it could develop into something and move into areas already devastated by the flooding from Florence.

The red-shaded area will become Kirk. We’ll have to watch that and see where it goes. It should go out to sea.

Two other areas of interest are in the southern Atlantic. They both need to be watched closely. The one closest to Africa is expected to become Leslie sometime over the next few days. At this time, there are no immediate threats to the U.S., though the one east of the Carolinas may change that over the next few days. Stay tuned.

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Here’s a bit of a bizarre tale for ya. On this day in 1894, an Iowa twister picked up a heavy chicken house that measured 16 x 16 feet in area. Now, that alone isn’t all that unusual. I see destroyed chicken houses in storm reports quite often. But this twister didn’t destroy this chicken house. In fact, it simply picked it up, threw it up into the air, and then wedged it between two trees. The farmer had to climb the tree to see if the chickens were alright. Sure enough, they were still setting on their nest, as if nothing had happened.  Oddly, the storm didn’t even break a single window in the chicken house. Just another day in the life an Iowa chicken, I suppose.

On a much different note……..

This is a somber date for South Carolina. Today is the 29th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Hugo, the most powerful hurricane in modern history to strike the state of South Carolina. The powerful cat 4 hurricane roared ashore at around 11:00 o’clock in the night. A storm surge of 20.2 feet rolled in, destroying beaches and taking several lives. Shrimp boats were found a half of a mile inland. It was an incredible storm that no one who lived through has forgotten.

But, let’s step back a bit to the Christmas of 1988.

An aspiring little Meteorologist Mark had decided that he wanted a 13″ black and white tv for Christmas. Why only 13″ and black and white? I have no idea. I had two little brothers and maybe I knew I was too mean to them for Santa to ever give me anything more than the bare minimum in tv requests. But, how could I get this request to Santa and be absolutely sure he would get the message? Sure, mom and dad had promised me they would make sure he knew. I trusted them, I really did, but this was REALLY important and I had seen them make mistakes. They weren’t perfect. (sorry mom, haha).

Then, out of nowhere, Santa showed up at our house a few weeks before Christmas. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to tell Santa in person what I feared would be lost in a letter, etc. He was going to hear it straight from me!

I jumped right up in his lap and I let him know loud and clear that I wanted a 13″ black and white tv. I don’t remember what his response was, but I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was going to get that tv for Christmas. The message had been delivered to THE MAN himself.

Christmas finally came (remember when it seemed to take forever?) and guess what was under the tree? I knew the moment I saw that box that Santa had come through for me! I tore open the wrapping paper as if that box contained a priceless treasure and sure enough, there she was! Lord, she was beautiful! I was over the moon; the happiest kid in the whole wide world!

Mom and dad let me set the tv on my dresser and I loved having my own room with my own little tv. My brothers had to share a room and I never knew how they lived in those conditions (ha). I was four when Kevin was born and 5 when Jeff was born, so I was just old enough to know they were the biggest interruption to my perfect life that I could ever imagine. They tore up my toys, ripped up my books,….they were awful. But, I had my own room with my own tv and I was happy as could be…so long as they didn’t come in, of course.

So, the night Hurricane Hugo hit was the September after the Christmas that I had gotten my tv.  It was getting close to bedtime but I begged mom to let me stay up and watch Hugo make landfall. She said it was ok but that I should go to bed as soon as it does. Sweet! I was so happy.

As the hours ticked by, the hurricane was nearing shore. I was mesmerized. I watched reporter after reporter trying to report live from the beaches, bent in the wind and beaten by the blowing sand and water (this was back when that kind of coverage was real. haha). I couldn’t get enough of it. I may have just been 10 years old but I was completely captivated by the coverage. This was the most incredible thing I had ever seen!

We didn’t have cable or satellite, so we didn’t have The Weather Channel. This was such a historic hurricane that most (if not all) of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) were doing live coverage of Hurricane Hugo as it neared the coast and made landfall. If only such events were so rare today, right?

So, there I sat that Thursday night on my bed…Indian style… in my footed pajamas….in the dark, with my room illuminated only by the light of my 13″ black and white tv…. watching the reporters scream into the howling winds and torrents of rain that Hugo was bad…..real, real bad.

If I wasn’t hooked on weather by then I sure had been snagged now.

It’s a night I’ll never forget and I’ll always be grateful that mom and dad let me stay up and watch it. After that night, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that weather would be my life.

Seriously, though, my brothers were awful (haha). Just sayin’.

They’re alright now, though. 🙂

You all have a great day.


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