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Summer is back!


Main Threats

No major threats in sight


Our forecast features very summer-like weather for the next or so. Look for warm afternoon highs, with an isolated chance for a shower or storm. Those chances may be a bit higher Thursday, but still nothing to cancel any plans over. Just be mindful of that lightning if you get caught under one of these storms.

I hope you’re not really looking for fall weather anytime soon. If so, I have to give you some bad news….

Below is the temperature outlook through October 12th. Above average temps cover the eastern U.S., but look at all that blue out west. We all know that will slide east eventually…… I’m bettin’ the second half of October will be much colder. Our average first frost happens the middle of October, so we may be a bit late with that this year.


We still have an area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean that will need to be watched. The bad news is that the system is headed for the Gulf and will more than likely impact the coast. The good news is that it doesn’t look like the system will become all that strong. I’ll keep an eye on it. There is still a chance that it will develop and move into Mexico.

You may notice Leslie has now become a hurricane. She was upgraded at the 4:00 a.m. update. She will move north and out to sea.


Leslie looks impressive on satellite, even though she is barely a hurricane. She will strengthen more today, as she spins out to sea. That’s her out there in the Atlantic.



Yesterday was the record for earliest freeze on record for Crossville. That cold snap continued today and actually got even colder! On the morning of October 3, 1974 Crossville fell to 26 degrees! Whatever hadn’t gotten killed by that 31-degree reading on October 2nd sure got zapped the morning of the 3rd! Crossville would set four new record lows in a row during this cold spell.

On this day in 1841, a storm called an October Gale struck Nantucket, Massachusetts. It was the worst storm in that state’s history. Forty ships were driven ashore at Cape Cod and 57 men lost their lives from one town alone. Inland, the wind-driven rain turned to wind-driven snow and dropped nearly two feet of heavy snow.

So, we’ve been wet around here, for sure. In fact, September was Crossville’s wettest September on record. Well, the folks in Bagdad, California would have killed for some of this rain back in 1912. By October 3 of that year, they had gone a whopping 767 days without rain! That earned them the title of the city with the longest dry spell on record for the U.S. Folks, that’s a little over two years!

For some reason, I’m feeling a little thirsty……


The NWS Nashville released another updated rainfall map from September rainfall.


Yesterday, there was quite the severe weather outbreak across Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. There were 32 tornado warnings issued. Thankfully, only three tornadoes have been confirmed. Those storms were spinning, but they just couldn’t get the rotation on the ground.

Today, the severe weather will be focused on Minnesota and northern Michigan. A tornado outbreak is expected there later today and I’m afraid they won’t get off as lucky as Pennsylvania did yesterday. These severe weather outbreaks are odd for October, but we all know how odd the weather can get sometimes!

I had the great privilege of speaking with the Crossville Breakfast Rotary Club this morning. What a fine group of people! I got to tell them all about weatherTAP and my journey that landed me here. They seemed to really enjoy it and I sure did enjoy being with those folks.

You all have a great day! Granny is doing a bit better this morning. She even took a few sips of coffee with me. She said it sure was strong but I told her she needed the strong stuff (ha). Here’s hoping for a better day.

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