A frosty start to a beautiful day


Special Note

Thank you so much for all who sent condolences for the passing of my Granny last Tuesday. Those words and support mean so much. Thank you.

Main Threats

Wed-Thurs Mornings: Frosty mornings that could damage tender vegetation.


Our overnight low in Crossville was 30.4 degrees here at WeatherTAP. That means we have officially ended our growing season with the first freeze of the year. I had 28 degrees for a low on my home thermometer. Our next best chances for widespread frost will come Wednesday and Thursday mornings, though any location could see patchy frost tonight.

This looks to be a mostly dry week, with the exception of Thursday night and Friday. I may have to back those showers up to being earlier in the day on Thursday. It depends on which model you go by as to what time precipitation begins. Never the less, all models show scattered showers on Friday, with the heaviest rainfall being to our south, across Alabama and Georgia. That could change with time, of course, so stay tuned.


All is quiet in the tropics and I don’t foresee anything developing within the next several days. Hurricane season ends November 30.


While Seattle, Washington gets very few thunderstorms a year, they do get them from time to time. It was on this day in 1985 that a guest on the top floor of one of Seattle’s hotels found that out first hand. They were talking on a phone (corded) when lightning struck nearby and traveled through the phone line to the caller. The victim was seriously injured but survived.

Always, always, always be careful when lightning moves in.


I was looking at the extended outlooks this morning and it looks like we’re in for an extended period of cool weather. There are no indications of any long-lived spells of hot weather. I think it’s safe to say fall has arrived and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Below is the temperature outlook for October 27-31.


Below is the temperature outlook for October 29-November 4.


Below is the temperature outlook for November 3-16.


Even the National Hazards Outlook map highlights our area for much below normal temperatures through October 26. Notice the heavy rain threat just to our south.


You all stay warm! This cold weather will really get our trees to changing colors now! I have a feeling that with last night’s freeze, that color change will come quickly and last only a short while. Be sure to get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

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