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Interesting tid-bit this afternoon

Some of you may be familiar with Hurricane Willa spinning in the eastern Pacific this evening. The storm rapidly intensified this weekend from a tropical storm to a major hurricane. In fact, this morning the storm strengthened into a cat 5 hurricane, the most powerful on the scale. The storm is expected to make landfall in western Mexico Tuesday afternoon as a cat 4. The interesting thing is that moisture from the storm is already streaming into the Southeast US, even though Crossville is nearly 2,000 miles from the hurricane! You can see that moisture on the satellite below, streaming right into Tennessee.

Remnants of Willa will combine with a cold front in the Southeast this weekend. This will produce heavy rainfall across Alabama and Georgia. Hopefully, the heaviest of that rainfall will stay south of Tennessee this weekend.



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  1. Very insightful Mark. I wouldn’t ever have thought about a hurricane off the west coast of Mexico feeding moisture into TN when the eye hasn’t even made landfall yet (or barely has). Pretty amazing. Sorry about your Granny.

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