Rain is on the way


Main Threats

No major threats in sight.


We’re already seeing some showers on radar but it will take a while for our dry atmosphere to moist up enough for rain to make it to the ground. We could see a shower at any point today, but those chances are greatest as we head into the evening and overnight hours. Total rainfall amounts by Friday afternoon should be around one inch, which will help get us closer to our normal amount of rainfall for the month of October. We’re about two inches shy of that mark right now.

Friday will be a raw day, with highs mainly in the 40s and light to moderate rain, especially the first half of the day. By Friday afternoon and evening, the rain will become more scattered and lighter. Winds may be a bit breezy, making it feel even cooler.

Saturday will feature mostly scattered showers and cloudy skies. We shouldn’t see nearly as much rain as we will Thursday night and Friday morning. The next best chance of widespread rain arrives Sunday afternoon and evening. That rain should continue right on into Monday. At this time, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week look like better weather days.


I’m continuing to watch that area of disturbed weather out in the Atlantic. It still looks like this will become Oscar, as it tracks westward. There is now an 80% of this system developing into a tropical storm. At this time there are no indications that it will threaten the US, but it’s still something to keep an eye on. Hurricane season runs through November 30.



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On this date in 1955 Crossville started the day at a frigid 21 degrees! Folks, that is cold! Thankfully, the high that afternoon rebounded 42 degrees to top out at a pleasant 63 degrees.

We often forget that October and November bring a secondary peak severe weather season. Who could blame us? We get so distracted by “pumpkin spice” everything and changing leaf colors, not to mention wondering when our first frost and freeze will occur. We forget that the cold fronts that bring us our fall weather can also bring some nasty storms. Thankfully, we see nothing of the sorts in our forecast anytime soon.

But, on this day in 1981 the folks of Bountstown, Florida were reminded that tornadoes can occur in October. On that day, a northbound tornado caused two million dollars worth of damage to the town. The tornado only lasted five minutes. Thankfully, no deaths resulted from the surprise tornado. Surprise? Yes. The radar at Apalachicola never indicated the presence of a tornado, nor any severe weather. Sometimes the radar misses these events. Unfortunately, that’s still true today.

You all have a great day. Hopefully, any surprises you get will be good ones!


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