A beautiful weekend to watch a meteor shower

Main Threats

No major threats in sight.


A beautiful weekend is in store for us, folks. Temps will be mild and skies will be mostly sunny. You just can’t ask for a better weekend this time of year! Actually, the next five days look pretty darn good. The only fly-in-the-ointment is late Sunday night/early Monday morning when we may get a stray shower. Moisture is limited with that system and we may not get a thing. 

Once that weak front passes through we should be in good shape right on into our Thanksgiving holiday. Temps will remain a bit below normal, but still not looking too bad. 


This day in 1927 was an interesting weather day for the Washington DC area! That was when a tornado cut a 17-mile long path across Alexandria and southeastern D.C. At least 32 people were injured but no one was killed. The Naval Air Station was hit and an official wind gust of 93 mph was recorded there. Ninety minutes later, a waterspout was spotted over the Potomac River.

Remember all that severe weather from 1989 I mentioned in the records on Thursday? Well, in the wake of all that bad weather came a profound cold wave. Gilbert, Arkansas dropped to eight degrees on this day, after having tornadoes just two days earlier! That was a strong cold front that brought all kinds of weather over a few days period of time.  


Don’t forget to look for the Leonid’s meteor shower tonight! Just go out and look up and you’re sure to see at least one or two “shooting stars”. It will be a bit chilly, so wear a jacket. Better yet, start a fire and huddle around. Just don’t forget to look up ever once in a while!

For more info on the Leonids, please see https://earthsky.org/tonight/radiant-point-for-leonid-meteor-shower

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