A new Sunday post idea!

I have decided that rather than have nothing for you on Sundays, I will share my story-of-the-week that I write for the local papers. I hope you like this idea. If there is threatening weather I will, of course, have a full weather update. 

The Crazy Month of November

The months in which the change of seasons take place can be very interesting months for weather in our region. In November, it is the tug of war between summer and winter that can send us on a weather roller coaster.

As I was looking back on historical weather data for the plateau, I found ample evidence of just how crazy the weather can be this time of year. I often remind folks that this is our secondary severe weather season, due to the battle between the seasons.

Many records from this month involve tornadoes, including one on November 18, 1957 that cut a 15-mile long path across Fentress County. The F-2 tornado destroyed two barns and unroofed two homes near Armathwaite.

November 10, 2002 brought the strongest tornado to the area since the April 3, 1974 F-4 tornado hit Jamestown. The November half-mile wide F-3 tornado hit just south of Crossville, claiming four lives.

On November 16, 1955 a very strong cold front caused temperatures on the plateau to plunge from afternoon highs in the 70s, to overnight lows in the 20s! This extended cold spell led to Crossville recording an all-time record low for November, when they dipped to five degrees on the 29th.

The first week of November can be quite unpredictable. The plateau started out the month with more than a foot of snow in 1966, while the month started off with record heat in 2003. That heat wave brought temperatures in the low to mid 80s for much of the region.  

Soon, winter will win this battle-of-the-seasons. For some, that victory cannot come soon enough. For others, just hold on a minute and spring will be here before you know it.

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