A great forecast leading up to Thanksgiving, followed by a return of rain.

Main Threats

Friday night: Heavy rainfall possible.


We will see a few showers around the plateau today, but they will be very widely scattered and should not amount to much at all. That precip moves out overnight and temps will begin to fall a bit. Tuesday and Wednesday will both be rather cool, thanks to the airmass moving in behind today’s cold front. 

Wednesday looks like a great travel day, not only in our area but for most of the country. That nice weather continues on Thanksgiving, but we will be watching our next big storm system gather strength to our west. Thankfully, that system holds off until Friday.

As for Friday, it’s looking unsettled. I know  some of you plan to head out shopping, and right now the morning is looking alright, with rain increasing in coverage and intensity by evening. Heavy rainfall may move in Friday night. Stay tuned, as this forecast will likely change over the next couple of days and timing of precip will certainly be tweaked.

Taking a peak into next weekend…it’s looking wet. Stay tuned.


On this day in 1930 a rare, F-4 tornado struck Bethany, Oklahoma at around 9:30 in the morning. The powerful tornado moved just west of the Oklahoma City limits. Approximately 110 homes and 700 other structures were damaged or destroyed. A fourth of the town of Bethany was destroyed. At the very end of the damage path the twister began its approach to Camel Creek School. Students and teachers scrambled to take cover as buildings blew apart around them. Five students and a teacher lost their lives. 

On this day in 1981 an unusually early snowstorm struck the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. As much as a foot of very heavy, wet snow fell on the city, causing all kinds of destruction. the newly inflated fabric dome of the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome collapsed under the weight of the snow, completely destroying the new roof. 

On this day in 1921 an incredible and historic storm struck the Pacific Northwest. By the time the storm was all said and done, some locations had over four feet of snow and some of the valleys were encased in several inches of ice. Where it was warm enough to rain, some locations picked up over a foot of rain in two days. Records from this storm continue to stand even today. This is one of the only times when all transportation in the region, including by rail, was absolutely impossible. 



Yesterday was my Granny Jane’s 85th birthday. She and my grandfather will have been married 67 years in February. He will turn 88 on January 3rd. They still live independently and do quite well for themselves. The weather couldn’t have been better for her birthday and I, of course, take full responsibility for that (ha). She had a great birthday, filled with great food and fellowship. This is a pic of her with her two brothers at our family reunion this past summer. 

My Granny Jane Baldwin (center), with brothers Eddie Hawk (left) and Buddy Hawk (right).

You all have a great day! 

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