Here comes the rain….but just rain this time


Main Threats

No major threats in sight.


We’ll see mostly cloudy skies today as our next storm system becomes poised to move in later this evening. Rain will overspread the area once again tonight, but this time we don’t have to worry about any wintry precipitation.

Rain increases in coverage and intensity as we near Friday morning and that rain should continue into the day. Instability will increase a bit, so we can’t rule out a rumble or two of thunder.

Rain continues into Saturday, before tapering off  Saturday night.

At this time, Sunday looks cloudy but dry. A return to sunshine should be the rule for Monday.


Remember that cold snap I was telling you about a couple of days ago? You know, the one in 1962 that had Crossville reporting a morning low of two degrees below zero? Oh, you thought that was cold? How cute.

On the morning of December 13th, 1962 the morning low in Crossville was a jaw-dropping 17 degrees BELOW zero, shattering our record lows for December. This record still stands today. Heaven help us….that’s cold!

Crossville’s all-time record low is 25 below zero, set on January, 21, 1985.

As I look at the national records for today, guess what I see? More record cold from that arctic outbreak of 1962. While we were 17 degrees below zero, Miami was 35 degrees. Yeah, that’s definitely much warmer than we were but that is very cold for those folks. If the city of Miami was 35 degrees, you can bet most of Florida was at or below freezing. In fact, Tampa was just 18 degrees! Jacksonville recorded a low of 12 degrees. This was the coldest December of the 20th century for Florida. The damage to crops topped out in the millions of dollars.

Blairsville, Georgia dropped to nine below zero on this morning, as well, establishing an all-time record low for December for the state of Georgia.



Sunrise: 6:42

Sunset: 4:27

Day Length: 9 hrs 44 mins

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 9 hrs 44 mins

One Year Ago Today

On this day last year we had a high temperature of 42 degrees, after starting the day at a very chilly 16 degrees. That morning low was nearly 15 degrees below normal. There was no precipitation and the highest wind gust was 24 mph. Thankfully, that gust waited until the temp had warmed up that afternoon!

Fair skies were reported most of the day.


Well, normally I’d be excited to tell you that the best meteor shower of the year is happening late tonight, but have you seen that forecast? (ha) The Geminids are a rather rambunctious meteor shower but little good that does us when it’s mostly cloudy.

The big weather headline today is the wind that will be affecting the southern Plains. Wind advisories and high wind warnings stretch from Kansas to Texas. Sustained winds of 30-40 mph will be common, with gusts as high as 70 mph!

On the map below, all the red in the southern Plains is high wind warnings and the blue is wind advisories. It’s going to be a very windy day there!


You all have a great day!

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