Some shaking going on this morning


Main Threats

No major threats expected through the weekend.


I have information about this morning’s earthquake in the “News” section at the bottom of this blog.

Today’s weather will consist of mostly cloudy skies. I can’t rule out an isolated sprinkle or flurry this morning but most of us should stay completely dry. These clouds will be with us for the next several days.

The best chance of rain looks to move in Thursday night. That rain will then stick around through Saturday. We’re not looking at any real heavy rain, so flooding concerns are very low. Instability will increase enough on Friday to bring us a chance for a rumble or two of thunder, but nothing strong or severe is expected.

At this time, Sunday is looking cloudy for most of the day but it should be a dry day.


On this day in 1935 the Crossville Experiment Station recorded 12 inches of snow in a 24-hour period. This set a record for greatest one day snowfall record for Crossville. I think this record stood until the Blizzard of ’93.

It was on this day in 1969 that the worst tornado ever recorded for western Washington state took place. The tornado began as a waterspout over the Puget Sound but moved inland, tracking just south of Seattle. The tornado traveled five miles and was 50-200 yards in width. One person was injured and over half a million dollars worth of damage was caused by the tornado.



Sunrise: 6:41

Sunset: 4:26

Day Length: 9 hrs 45 mins

Yesterday’s Day Length: 9 hrs 44 mins


This Time Last Year

This time last year we had a high of 47 degrees, after a very cold morning low of 22. There was no precipitation and the strongest wind gust was 23 mph. Cloudy skies and light northwest winds were reported throughout the day.

Facebook reminded me that on this day last year I posted, “They pre-treated our roads yesterday for snow. Kinda makes ya wonder what’s in that treatment because it sure did work! It didn’t even snow!” (haha) Apparently, we were expecting some snow but none fell.


Some of you may have felt some shaking this morning! I certainly wouldn’t be surprised! The USGS reports that a 4.4 earthquake occurred near Dacatur this morning at 3:14 a.m. That was followed by a 3.3 quake at 3:27 in the same location. Decatur is just southeast of Spring City and just a few miles south of the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (😳). For much more info., please see

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a 4.4 earthquake can be “felt indoors by many, outdoors by few during the day. At night, some awakened. Dishes, windows, doors disturbed; walls make cracking sound. Sensation like heavy truck striking building. Standing motor cars rocked noticeably.”

I always said it would take more than an earthquake to wake me up and I guess I was right! (haha)

On another note…

On Tuesday I was voted onto the board of Creative Compassion! I am so excited to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next year. Creative Compassion’s mission is “to improve the quality and quantity of affordable housing and home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income persons and families of the Upper Cumberlands.”

It is an honor to become a part of such a great organization!

You all have a great day!

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