Sun, rain, snow… a mixed forecast


Main Threats

Friday night: Possible wintry mix that could impact some travel.


We should see partly to mostly sunny skies both today and tomorrow. Get out and enjoy this nice weather as much as you can! The winds should be light, too, so we don’t even have to worry about that!

Our next storm system will be moving in on Thursday. The whole day looks wet, but I don’t expect any thunderstorms or heavy rain. As the system pulls to the east of us on Friday, cold air will begin spilling in and the rain will turn to snow. By Friday night, we could be looking at some light accumulation. I think the changeover will occur sometime in the afternoon but I’ll have to fine-tune that timing as we get closer.

Everything should move out by Saturday, though I always worry about the timing of clouds moving out. You all know how they love to hang around the plateau! Let’s hope they shimmy on out of here by Saturday morning.


On this day in 1916 the city of Nashville recorded its greatest one-day snowfall on record for December. By the end of the day, half a foot of snow had fallen.

Today is the anniversary of the 2009 winter storm that impacted folks from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast. At one point, the storm was over 500 miles wide! In all, tens of millions of Americans were affected across 14 states. This was not a good day to be traveling in 2009!

That powerful storm system developed in the Gulf of Mexico and then tracked northeast. As much as two feet of snow fell across parts of the Carolinas and into the Northeast. Major airports, railways, and interstate systems were shut down, paralyzing traffic across the nation’s busiest thoroughfares. New York had over 1,200 flights cancelled, and that’s just the ones in New York!

A bit of an oddity occurred on this day in 1988. A pronounced warm spell commenced across the Plains. Sheridan, Wyoming recorded a record high of 68 degrees. What’s odd is that Sheridan was seven degrees warmer than Key West, Florida that day! The two locations are separated by a distance of about 2,500 miles.

The map below shows the location of Sheridan, Wyoming compared to Key West, Florida. Who would ever believe Wyoming would be warmer than Key West this time of year?


I noticed that the big warm-up that is being experienced right now is causing most of Wyoming to be in the 50s this week. That is rather impressive for this time of year!



Sunrise: 6:45

Sunset: 4:28

Day Length: 9 hrs 43 mins 15 secs**

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 9 hrs 43 mins 08 secs

**Notice how the days aren’t getting much shorter. The days will start getting longer on Saturday. Our shortest day of the year will be Friday, with a day length of 9 hrs 43 mins and 05 seconds.

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today we were mild and 56 degrees. The morning low was 42. There was no precipitation.  After morning fog, skies were fair to mostly cloudy the rest of the day. Winds were light from the south, with the highest gust being 18 mph at around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Christmas Forecast

Confidence is building that we will not have a white Christmas in 2018. In fact, the weather may be downright nice that day, which is good news for travelers or for those who can only take so much family between four walls (haha). You’ll be able to get outside!

We won’t be the only ones not having a white Christmas. Most of the nation will be above average for temperatures come Christmas Day. At least Santa won’t have to worry about freezing to death this year!

Below is a map showing temperatures from Dec. 23- 27. Don’t worry, all that cold air in Alaska will be here just in time for January…..


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