Be careful in the morning

Our temperatures across the plateau this evening are still hovering in the upper 30s, but colder temperatures sit just to our northwest. As we go through the night, that colder air will gradually settle across the plateau and temps will drop to around freezing by sunrise. With drizzle possibly still hanging around, we could see some patchy black ice in the morning. Please be careful if you’re out early in the morning. Black ice is almost impossible to see because of it’s such a thin layer of ice. Just be advised.

For those of you wondering about my Granny Jane, Dad, Jeff and I went and visited her this afternoon. The Sunday school class at church made her some get well cards and she sure did enjoy reading through those. One kid even put a dollar in his (ha). If you would like to send granny a card, just send it to The Uplands Wellness Center, 55 West Lake Rd, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578 (c/o Elza Jane Baldwin). She is in room 660.

Granny continues to do well, though she sure misses Pa and she sure wishes she were home. We’re all still praying for a very speedy, safe recovery. We have a lot to worry about but we’re just taking one day at a time.

Below is a pic of the cards the kids at Clear Creek Baptist Church made for Granny. She gave them some candy last week and many of them wanting to thank her for that, as well as wish her luck in healing.


Below is a pic of Granny reading through her cards. She sure did enjoy them!img_20190113_132935

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