Flood concerns grow


Main threats

TUESDAY NIGHT-WEDNESDAY: Heavy rainfall that could cause flooding issues. Please be aware of this if you live in a flood-prone area. Clean out ditches, culverts, and storm drains now.

FRIDAY NIGHT-SATURDAY: Heavy rainfall that could lead to flooding. Some of the thunderstorms could also be strong to severe.


Today is looking pretty good. It looks like we’ll be blessed with clouds, though a peak or two of sun isn’t completely out of the question. Today will allow area streams to subside a bit, before the next round of heavy rainfall arrives tomorrow night. I think the first half of Tuesday will be dry, with rain developing in the afternoon. That rain will become steady, but followed by heavier downpours on Wednesday. Total rainfall from this event looks to be in the 2-3 inch rain area-wide, with locally higher amounts possible. Those heavy downpours are what could led to flash flooding issues.

The rain lets up a bit on Thursday and Friday, hopefully allowing streams to subside somewhat, before another round of heavy rain and storms arrives Friday night and Saturday. If this forecast verifies, this could be a much more serious flood event than the Tuesday night-Wednesday event, since soils will already be super saturated and streams will be running so high.

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined an area just to our west for severe weather on Saturday. I’ll be keeping an eye on that as it nears us. The last thing we’ll need is strong winds after all the rainfall this week. I’ll be watching that!

Please pay attention to this forecast this week if you live in a flood-prone area. Our soils are saturated and streams are running high. There simply isn’t anywhere for all this water to go. Don’t drive across flooded roads. That’s a darn good way to end up at the pearly gates!

The concern this week is certainly the rainfall that will fall on saturated soils. The outlooks for this week show a grand total of 4-6 inches of rain for the plateau by this time next week. We should have 2-3 inches of rain Tuesday night and Wednesday, followed by another round of 2-3 inches Friday night and Saturday. The grand total for these two events combined could be in the 4-6 inch range, with locally higher amounts possible. Either one of these events could produce more rainfall than this, so stay tuned. It’s not very often that models show so much rain for the entire state!

Below is a map of total rainfall from today through next Sunday. Notice the plateau is right in that 4-6 inch rain, though your area may receive even more than that.



On February 18, 1936 the city of Nashville recorded a low temperature of one degree below zero. This is the latest date for a sub-zero degree temperature reading for Music City.

A five-day storm in California produced phenomenal snowfall totals in the mountains. by the time this storm was over, as much as 189 inches of snow had fallen across the highest elevations! That’s nearly 16 feet of snow in five days! This set a single-storm record for snowfall in North America. That record still stands today.



Record high: 68 (1986)

Record low: -4 (1958)

Today’s sunset: 5:25

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:20

Today’s day length: 11* hrs 02 mins 08 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 04 mins 18 secs

*Notice our days have now crossed the “11 hours long” or more threshold!

One year ago today

It was a warm, spring-like day. The high was 58 degrees, after a morning low of 33. A trace of rain fell just after dark. Most of the day was partly cloudy, with skies becoming cloudy near sunset. Only a light south breeze could be felt all day.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waxing gibbous, 98% illumination



Today is my Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin’s 68th wedding anniversary. We had cake for them yesterday to celebrate. When asked what their secret was, my grandpa simply said, “Love.”


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