Lunch update

If you’re headed out for lunch keep that rain gear handy. The rain is advancing our way and should be here anytime after the noon hour. I’ve also noticed a prolific amount of lightning firing up along the warm front to our south. Don’t be surprised to hear thunder this afternoon and evening, though severe weather is not expected.

Check out that lightning! That is lifting north. Though we are still just 36 degrees here in Crossville, there is a lot of warm air above us, as well as some impressive atmospheric dynamics. Therefore, we could easily get some thunder today.


As I’ve been saying, rainfall totals from this event will easily reach the 2-3 inch mark between today and tomorrow. Then, we should see another 2-3 inches of rainfall Friday night and Saturday. That would give all of us a good 4-6 inches of rain between now and Sunday morning. Some isolated spots could see a bit more. With our saturated soils, the water will be hard-pressed to find a place to go.

Also, keep in mind that dense fog may become an issue later today and tonight. There’s a lot to watch and I’ll be doing just that!

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