Update on storm timing and intensity

A new tornado watch has now been issued for the Nashville area. That watch extends back into West TN. Warnings have been issued on occasion. Clouds are holding tight over our area and that is really going to help us out in keeping storms calmer. Never the less, the threat for severe weather still exists and we cannot let our guard down.

It now looks like we will get one round of scattered storms this evening, between 5-7:00pm. Not everyone will see them. These storms could be strong to severe, so pay attention to them. In addition, they will be capable of producing even more flash flooding.

Another round of storms should move in between 9:00 pm. and midnight, as it looks right now. These storms will be capable of straight-line winds and even an isolated tornado. The threat of strong straight-line winds is our greatest threat. Any trees could easily topple in high winds with our saturated soils. Make sure you’re prepared for power outages.

The bottom line is that showers and storms will threaten us all evening and into the overnight hours. The other bottom line is that this does not look like a big severe weather outbreak for the plateau. What it looks most like is a flash flood threat, along with a tree-damage threat from gusty winds that could topple trees that are sitting in mud. We have got to be mindful of both of those threats.


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