The battle of the seasons (what round is this?)


Main threats

SATURDAY NIGHT: Heavy rainfall. Strong/severe storms are also possible (monitoring).

WEDNESDAY: Monitoring for heavy rainfall and the potential for strong storms.


If you’ll recall, a few days ago I was a bit concerned about some light wintry precip in our neck of the woods for this morning. It’s actually not that far away! But, don’t worry because it will stay to our north. That precip shield across Kentucky marks the boundary of where warm air moving northward is colliding with the cold air that is in place here at the surface.


For the rest of our day, we can expect mostly cloudy skies. Temps are gradually warming up and the arctic blast that has gripped the plateau the past several days is losing the battle to hold on; warm air is winning again!

Rain moves in tonight, but it should be on the light side. It’s not out of the question that some snowflakes could mix in, but no accumulation is expected. Just cold rain showers.

That rain increases in coverage on Friday and some of it could be on the moderate side. Again, nothing too heavy but definitely worth keeping the rain gear handy for.

Widespread showers continue on Saturday, though we could see a break at some point that could last several hours. Don’t get too excited, that just helps set the stage for another round of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms overnight. It looks like the worst of the severe weather will stay to our west, but we can’t rule out one or two of these storms making it onto the plateau. I’ll keep an eye on this!


By Sunday and Monday, we should be seeing the sunshine again. This time, it doesn’t look like much cold air will follow the cold front, so we will stay mild. The next significant storm system arrives midweek, though it could move in as early as Tuesday night. This system offers another possibility of heavy rainfall and strong storms, but we’ll wait until closer to that time to be too concerned with that.


On this day in 1863, the Fayetteville Observer reported that, “We are informed that Shelbyville was visited by another hurricane on last Saturday [7th] night, which blew down the Baptist Church, the Depot, Telegraph Office, besides other buildings. One person is said to have been killed. We have no other particulars.”

It was a warm day on this day in 1987! Record high temps were reported in 45 cities across the north central and northeastern United States. Huron, South Dakota hit 80 degrees, while Pickstown hit 81. For perspective, Huron is eight degrees this morning and expecting a high of 19 degrees.



Record high: 77 (2000)

Record low: 15 (1960)

Today’s sunset: 5:40

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 5:59

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 39 mins 59 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 42 mins 15 secs

One year ago today

It was a chilly day that started with some light snow just after midnight. Nothing much came of it, though, with a liquid equivalent of only 0.02 inches of precip. The high only reached 43 but that was around midnight. The majority of the day was cloudy, with temps hovering around freezing. Winds were gusty from the northwest in the morning, becoming light by afternoon.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent, 1% illumination



The death toll from Sunday night’s tornadoes in the South will stand at 23. All others have been accounted for. It was announced yesterday that two corporations will pay all of the funeral costs of the 23 victims, relieving the families of that burden. Please keep these families close to your hearts.

On a brighter note, my Facebook campaign to raise money for St. Jude has now raised $215.00! For those of you who work here at Trade-A-Plane, we will be having the Frito Bandito lunch fundraiser on March 15. For the rest of you all, you can give through my St. Jude fundraiser link that can be found here. No donation is too small! The goal is $1,000.;jsessionid=00000000.app20102b?px=4948061&pg=personal&fr_id=97508&NONCE_TOKEN=88AB53BA56F66141509710DE14C867FD&fbclid=IwAR3IM6siGnP-KHNCXmf3V01xFvINANJetk6Js2El5lvuRZ-Qo4QhND5uyBw

You all have a great day!

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