Mixed precip with no worries

I’m seeing it now on Facebook. The folks who didn’t read the blog this morning. I know, I know…it can’t be so, but yet it is. They’re shocked. Shocked, I tell ya! The rain is mixing with some sleet and even some snowflakes. Remember when I mentioned that could happen tonight in this morning’s blog? Of course you do! haha

The precip will mix with some sleet and snow until it turns to all rain here shortly. Temps are well above freezing, so there will be no accumulation. This is the warm front moving in, so temps will hold steady, or even rise, overnight. My temp here at home is 40 degrees.

Precip this time of year often begins as some sleet and snow due to the air here at the surface being so dry. We had a very dry, cold airmass settle in over the past few days and it is still moving out. When precip falls into drier air it leads to evaporation. Evaporation is a cooling process and that will lead to cooler air being just above us. That air is just cool enough to cause some of the precip to freeze into sleet and ice pellets. It then falls into our air here at the surface, which is shallow and above freezing. Thus, the mixed precip quickly melts.

So, enjoy the mixed precip while it lasts! It will soon be a memory.

You all have a good night!

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