Liquid sunshine! And a timing change for Saturday’s storms.


Main Threats




Might as well call this liquid sunshine, right? The rain we have missed for so long has finally returned! :/

We’ll see these showers for the better part of our day. Keep that rain gear handy.

We may get a break in the rain Saturday morning that could last for a few hours, but that will only allow us to warm up and become more unstable ahead of a cold front that will be working its way in here Saturday afternoon. That front will bring heavy rainfall and the threat for some strong/severe storms. Yesterday, our severe threat looked rather low. Today, it looks a bit higher.

Please note that the timing has changed. The system has sped up and it no longer looks like an overnight storm threat. Instead, we should see our greatest storm threat between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 pm Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go under at least a severe t-storm watch in that timeframe.

This looks to be a squall line, with damaging winds and hail being the main threats. With so much shear, we can’t rule out a tornado. Also, don’t forget the flash flood threat! If we get a lot of rain in a short period of time with this squall line, we could be seeing some flooding issues again.

The worst of the threat looks to be back over West TN and north Mississippi, let’s say from the Nashville area and points westward and south. A tornado outbreak is possible there, with one or two tornadoes becoming strong. If you know anyone who lives in that area please make sure they know of this threat. We’ve already lost far too many people this year to tornadoes and we want to put a stop to that right now.

Below is the threat for Middle TN, including the plateau. Notice we are in the MARGINAL risk at this point, with the SLIGHT risk just off to our west. Future outlooks may bring that SLIGHT risk closer to our area, depending on how that squall line evolves tomorrow. Notice the orange shading just off the corner of the lower left of this image. That is an ENHANCED risk area.


Below is the national map of severe weather potential. That ENHANCED risk over north Mississippi and West Tennessee could be a rough area to weather tomorrow. Future outlooks may upgrade portions of this area to a MODERATE RISK.


A reminder of what each risk category entails. Again, right now we are in the MARGINAL risk. That could change.


The sun comes out on Sunday, and that should be a welcome sight! The clouds will be in and out of here on Monday, before skies cloud back up on Tuesday, ahead of our next big storm system. That system should be arriving mid-week and could bring another round of heavy rainfall and strong storms. If model data verifies, the threat next Thursday could be more substantial than the threat we face tomorrow. That system looks to be followed by much colder air. Stay tuned.


A freak thunder snowstorm produced strong winds, incredible lightning and up to seven inches of snow in the northern suburbs of Washington, D.C. I bet that was a sight to see on this day in 1984!

This day brought a major battle of the season to the country in 1989. While Albany, New York was suffering under temps as cold as two below zero, The folks in Tucson, Arizona were needing a break from their 90-degree heat. Again, it goes without saying that you can get anything in March!



Record high: 77 (1973)

Record low: 8 (1996)

Today’s sunset: 5:41

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 5:58

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 42 mins 15 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 44 mins 32 secs

One year ago today

Light snow began around sunrise and continued through mid-morning, producing the liquid equivalent of about a trace. So, not much to write home about, right? The high just barely made it above freezing, briefly reaching 33 degrees during the afternoon. The low for the day was a cold 22 degrees. Skies remained cloudy for the day, after the light snow moved out. Winds were brisk from the west, northwest all day.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent, 3% illumination



So, I figure with all the rain we get these days I might as well get a cool rain jacket, right? This is my NASA jacket I got at the Kennedy Space Center last weekend.


And, just in case you missed my astronaut pic that I posted on Facebook…… I’m pretty proud of that one (haha).


Speaking of NASA (and SpaceX), the Dragon unhitched itself from the ISS yesterday and completed a successful splashdown in the Atlantic early this morning. The whole mission was a success! This part was just as important as the launch, as there had to be proof that we can bring back astronauts as safely as they were sent. That, too, has now been tested and proven. We’re ready to sent astronauts back into space from American soil for the first time since 2011! The American space program is back, and we’ll soon be back at our best!


You all have a great day!

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