Noon update

A tornado watch is in effect for West TN until 5:00 p.m. Storms are looking messy in the radar out there at this hour, owing to a warm front that is just lifting across that area. That same warm front will likely keep us under cloud cover the rest of the day, limiting instability. It still looks like storms will be in here between 5:00-9:00 pm and they could have heavy downpours and gusty winds. It continues to look like the severe threat is quite low for the plateau.

If you have travel plans that take you west today, be advised that storms could pack a much stronger punch from Nashville to Memphis.

In this morning’s blog I mentioned a snowstorm for Kentucky that dropped up to two feet of snow. I got to digging and it turns out that we had quite the March snow here, too! Crossville had 8.5 inches of snow. Cookeville reported 7.5 inches. Not too bad for a March snow!

One last thing I just noticed… Look at all that lightning! Geez! This system sure is energized this afternoon. But, like I said earlier, a LOT of the ingredients making this system potent right now will fall away as we go through the day. Still, I would expect some lightning and thunder around here later for sure.


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