Afternoon update

A tornado watch is now in effect for western Middle TN through the afternoon. The watch stops at Lebanon and that may be as far east as it ever gets. Storms continue to struggle, though I have seen a tornado warning now issued for a county in southern Middle TN. Temperatures are much warmer down there, though.

Our clouds and rain showers are saving us a lot of trouble today. Had that sun been able to shine, we would have been in real trouble. The only reason tornado watches were extended to Lebanon is because the winds are absolutely perfect for tornadoes today. However, this cool air at the surface is hard to lift upward and tap into the spin.

I noticed that most of West TN has now been dropped from the tornado watch. I know they’re surely relieved. There were strong indications for the past few days that this would be a tornado outbreak for them. Thankfully, that just didn’t materialize.

We’ll continue to watch the rain and storms make their way eastward but my confidence is increasing that we’ll be alright. The greatest risk for severe weather will be along the southern-most counties of Tennessee.

We still can’t rule out a rogue strong or even severe storm for the plateau this afternoon/evening, but those chances seem to be getting smaller.

We do have some heavy rain coming so please be careful if you’re out and about when this hits. There will surely be some serious ponding of water on the roads as this passes through.

Still, I’ll keep an eye on things!

Below is the current radar, with all activity moving east. It’s going to be a wet evening!


This system is still producing a lot of lightning strikes, though I bet this dies down as it moves through Nashville and points eastward.


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