41 hours and counting

Race day is coming and it’s coming fast. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous about this race but it is what it is (haha). I think I’ll feel better after I get my packet this evening. My bib number is 1802.

You all better think of me Saturday morning! (ha)

A donation came in this morning that takes me to an even $2,250! That’s just remarkable. I’m now doing a blast of Facebook campaigning to round up any last minute donors. I’ve always said that if I ever come into a large sum of money I’d give to St. Jude. I can think of few other places where money would do more good. I’ve heard many of you say the same thing.

Those of you who gave have helped ease the burden on a family that is going through a nightmare. It’s no picnic for the kids.

Some of these kids even experience parental abandonment when diagnosed. Some parents, right? St. Jude steps right in and takes care of those kids, too. No family and no child ever gets a bill…for anything.

The link to give can be found here:


I sure do appreciate all of you who have been so incredibly generous. This means a lot to me and I can’t imagine how much it means to the families and kids who are using St. Jude right now. People who have been to St. Jude tell me that if I think I’m having a bad day, go walk the halls of St. Jude.



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