More April Showers


Main threats

No significant threats in sight.


We’ll see some showers and t-showers around today, but they will mostly hold off until this afternoon and evening. Still, many of us should stay dry. Rain chances pick up tonight and by Friday morning everyone’s lawns should have a drink of water. Showers should move out by noon Friday, leaving us with a nice afternoon and evening.

Saturday is looking good, with a slight chance of a shower or storm overnight and into the early morning hours of Sunday. Most of us may stay dry but some of you may get some more water on your lawn.

The start of our work week is looking warm and mostly dry. Some models bring in some isolated showers each day but I left those off the outlook for now. Those chances are at about 10%, so that’s too low to put on the outlook.

Rain chances increase again by Wednesday afternoon and evening but even that doesn’t look to heavy at this point.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The total amount of rain, snow, and other moisture falling to the surface of the earth annually is equal to ten million gallons for every person on the planet. That’s a lot of water! Anyone else feeling thirsty? :/


The latest freeze to ever occur in Nashville occurred on this date in 1910. With 1.5 inches of snow on the ground, the temperature dropped to 32 degrees by the morning of April 25th. This is also the latest that measurable snowfall has been on the ground in Music City.



Yesterday’s record high: 84 (1965)

Yesterday’s record low: 29 (1986)

Today’s record high: 84 (2016)

Today’s record low: 31 (1969) Record lows are getting significantly warmer each day!

Today’s sunset: 7:22

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:52

Today’s day length: 13 hrs 28 mins 57 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 13 hrs 30 mins 58 secs

One year ago today

The high was  59 and the low was 50. As you can imagine, it was cloudy and about 0.04 inches of rain fell. Those temps are below normal but clouds will almost always hold the temp down.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waning Gibbous, 64% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Clouds will likely obscure any good view of the sky.


Yesterday, a graphic was released showing the number of tornadoes in each state up until today. Look how lucky Tennessee has been. We’ve had some very close calls, as you all know, but tornadoes have just not felt welcome here this year. Look at Mississippi, though!

D42-4LBWkAIQxW9.jpg large

I looked up some info on those California tornadoes, as many people on weatherTAP social media noticed that number and thought it was too high. Actually, they average six tornadoes a year, with many of them coming in March. Learn something every day, right?


Well, my Kids on the Rise meeting wasn’t able to take place. The director of Kids on the Rise has a sick little girl and so we postponed the meeting.

Oh, and don’t forget today’s date…..


You all have a great day!


D42-4LBWkAIQxW9.jpg large



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