Southern plains storms & possible tropical storm

In an unprecedented move, casinos in central Oklahoma are closing today due to the threat of tornadoes. In another unusual move, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City is evacuating and removing aircraft from the base and moving them to a safer locations. All schools have been closed today in central Oklahoma, as well.

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a discussion for parts of Texas and western Oklahoma saying a tornado watch is coming by 1:00 pm. The purple-shaded area is a rare “high risk” area that has been outlined. Notice how it includes the very populated areas of Oklahoma City, Moore, and Norman. The University of Oklahoma is in Norman. An outbreak of strong to violent tornadoes now appears imminent. There are even warnings being put out by the NWS that some of these tornadoes could be especially wide, violent, and long-tracking.


Also, there’s so much going on today that I forgot to mention that the National Hurricane Center has raised the chance for a tropical formation in the Atlantic to 60%. Hurricane season officially starts June 1st, but sometimes Ma Nature ignores our calendars. The system will swing out to sea and pose no threat to the U.S. (except for possible rip currents).


It’s anything but boring in the weather department today!


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