A crazy wx night

It’s been a very active night in the weather business. First of all, very destructive tornadoes have hit tonight across Missouri. Some of the radar signatures were just downright disturbing. Look at the hook echo on that storm pictured below. It’s even trying to form an “eye”. Only the most powerful tornadoes display that kind of signature (typically).

sgf-screenshot (1)

Now, the Arkansas River is flooding, possibly by historic proportions. Two barges have broken free and are headed to a dam. It is feared that the impact of these barges will cause the dam to fail, completely flooding the town of Webers Falls, Oklahoma. Therefore, the whole town is being evacuated right now and Interstate 40 has been closed through there. What a mess.

Finally, I’ll end on a very peaceful note. For those of you who are still up it is worth your while to step outside. Look southeast and up a bit and you’ll see a very bright star. That is actually Jupiter. It sure is shining bright! Hurry up and check it out before that big bright moon starts to rise and dampens it’s glow.

You all have a good evening and keep those folks who aren’t as fortunate as us close to your hearts.

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