Dangerous wx developing in Oklahoma again

The weather situation in Oklahoma has escalated quickly this afternoon. They were in the slight risk for severe wx but that is all being upgraded now. A tornado watch just issued is the rare “Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS)” tornado watch that the Storm Prediction Center issues if strong to violent tornadoes are possible. Hopefully everyone hasn’t grown complacent after Monday’s severe wx didn’t get as bad as it could have been.  If you know anyone who lives in this area just give them a call or text or something…just to let them know how serious the situation is getting.

That severe t-storm warning in southwest Oklahoma is making some of us nervous, as it may aim for the more populated areas near Oklahoma City later on.


Later this evening, tornadoes will likely develop across northeast Oklahoma and move into Missouri. The town of Joplin is under the gun, too. They were devastated by an EF-5 tornado eight years ago this evening.

Be glad we have all this “boring” TN weather today! ha

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